Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery.

Losing hair is not nice. As you loose hair, you will probably lose confidence. If you are losing hair, hair transplant surgery is an option that may be able to help you to become confident again. This particular surgery is very simple. There may only be a few minor side effects that may occur. It is worth gaining an understanding of what these side effects are. Hair transplant surgery has ten possible side effects. These are as follows:


Some who have had this surgery have said that their hair seems to be getting thinner than what it already was. This is not an unusual observation. We can assure you that the thickness of your hair will begin to return a couple of months following the surgery.


Sometimes bleeding may occur. To stop the bleeding, all you need to do is put a bit of pressure on the area that the blood is coming out from. If you are unlucky and the bleeding continues, then please see your doctor. You may require some more stitches on the area.


The good news is, there is not much pain at all from this surgery. Most who have this surgery will not require any pain medication whatsoever. However, there may be a rare few who experience a little bit of pain. If this is the case, Tylenol is a good medication to take over a couple of days. Before you know it, the pain will be completely gone.


Don’t be surprised if you start to get itchy after the surgery. The good news is that it will only stick around for a couple of days. To lessen the itchiness you can simply wash your hair with shampoo on a daily basis.


Following the surgery, most people will find that their forehead will swell. The areas around the eyes may also swell. This will only be there for a couple of days. It may get worse on day four after the surgery. Some have said they have also had a black eye.


Numbness may likely be felt for a few weeks after the surgery. This will soon go away by itself.


This may sound like a strange side effect, but some have experienced hiccups. In saying that, only about five per cent of people get the hiccups after hair transplant surgery. This can get annoying. If it goes longer than a couple of days, try getting a good nights sleep and eating some good food. If it persists, then see your doctor. They may have special medications you can take to help remove the hiccups.


Infections do not occur very often but they are possible. It is the antibiotics that are given to the patient before and after surgery that prevent infections from occurring. It is unlikely that you will experience an infection of any kind.


If you are having hair transplanted, it is possible that a cyst may appear. This is also known as recipient areas. However, you will be pleased to know that they will soon go away within a couple of weeks and are often as small as pimples.


Scarring may occur because you feel obligated to have the surgery. Scarring though, is very infrequent. some patients experience this in the form of ridges.

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