Celebrities and their hair loss battles

Many of us think that all the celebrities we see on magazines, reality shows and movies, live a perfect life. Well, it happens that some of the try to hide their hair loss. Hair loss is a disease and we expect them to raise awareness on this hair loss condition.

These celebrities see hair loss as a sign of aging. Balding in men and thinning of hair are some of the signs these celebrities battle with.

To what extend do celebrities go in hiding their hair loss conditions? Some celebrities hide their balding pate by using different colored powders. Their stylists sprinkle this powder into their scalp. They use this because the powder is made of real human hair making it difficult to know. Some celebrities wear a wig while they are in public.

On the other hand, female celebrities depend on hair extensions. You will think that they have longer and thicker hair when you see them. These celebrities do this to hide their hair loses. They have no clue that this can cause a condition called traction alopecia.

Not all celebrities hate hair loss. There are some celebrities who have embraced their hair condition. Bruce wills is an example of an actor who has used his balding look to further their acting career. I think condition can be reduced by visiting a hair loss specialist.

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