Thinning hair, a common problem in men and women in the present world which is accompanied by several other hair problems. Here are some tips which can really be helpful for women who are tired of thinning hair, some of them may sound new, but they are going to make a change. Firstly, do not apply oil daily or whenever you go out, it makes the hair a magnet for dust and polluted particles. Apply it the night before the day you take head bath. This helps in softening your scalp, and oil gets attached to dirt which can be removed by taking head bath. Don’t take head bath daily it only results in thinning hair and nothing more, and also in removing natural oils generated by scalp in the hair which are very essential for healthy hair to sustain. Take head baths only twice or thrice a week and also think less. Apply natural oils like castor oil, pure coconut oil and olive oil, which help in reconstructing the cells of hair follicles.

“Massage.” It may not sound good, but scalp massage is the most proven technique to get rid of thinning hair, as massage helps to maintain good blood circulation in the skin, which in turn results in developing the lost hair and the good point here is, it will help to regrow hair on bald surfaces. You can use a scalp massager or try a massage from the experts. Reduce the use of hair cosmetics and increase the use of natural things and cut split ends. Guava leaves, neem leaves, amla and shikakai help to thicken hair and has many other great benefits which are worth trying them. Follow these tips regularly, you may not see the results early in your course, but being consistent is what makes a difference.

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